Follow Your Heart “Vegan Egg” Review

Hey guys,

another week another food review. I’ve been experimenting quite a bit lately as I’m sure you can see! This week the review is for a long awaited product, vegan eggs!

Yes, I really do mean vegan eggs, and not the kind that you use as an egg replacer in baking, I mean eggs that you can put on toast, or make an omelette with! As I’m sure you can tell by the title this week I’m reviewing Follow Your Heart’s “Vegan Egg” product.

So one thing I want to mention before we even start talking about taste is the smell. Honestly you’ll want to mental prepare yourself, either this product somehow smells more like eggs than actual eggs or I have developed a very sensitive nose since becoming vegan, either way it stinks! It does actually smell less once you’ve started cooking it, or maybe my nose had adjusted by then. Either way be sure to whisk the mix from arms length.

Follow Your Heart Vegan Egg



Vegan Jam Roly Poly Porridge

Jam Roly Poly Porridge

This recipe I discovered by complete accident, I was making my breakfast and upon having a taste I was shocked to discover it tasted just like jam Roly Poly pudding! I’ve had jam in my porridge countless times and have never experienced this so I believe it must be the brown sugar which causes this effect.

This recipe works well as a breakfast, snack or pudding dependant upon the situation. It’s great for when you have a sweet craving without necessarily being too unhealthy for you. I’d definitely recommend making it with nice jam but basics jam also works too, just make sure it’s strawberry! (more…)

Peanot Butter No No’s Review


I first spotted these probably sometime in 2015, maybe 2014 at a push. I’d kept on eye on them ever since, the elusive little sweets never seemed to be in stock when I wanted them, or when they were I couldn’t justify spending £2.50 on a bag of them. Then last December, just after christmas, I decided to save a rather significant amount of money (well for a student anyway) rather than spending it, and had a mini blow out as a treat, finally buying a few packets of these. (more…)

Vegan Lentil Bolognese Recipe


Vegan Lentil Bolognese

Anyone who knows me knows I love bolognese. I’ve been a firm fan for years and have been enjoying it since I discovered it as a vegetarian, recently however one of my flatmates inspired me to switch out the soya mince for lentils and I wish I’d done it sooner.

I’ve been promising you guys some recipes for a while now so I thought I best start with one of my favourites, lentil bolognese. As I’m sure you can all tell from the name I’m a student and with that comes a student budget this recipe is certainly cheap using lentils and chopped tomatoes for the base. Regardless of the price it’s ridiculously tasty, honestly I can’t complain!

Ingredients (serves one): (more…)

Vegan snacks sorted – almond butter cup & vanilla fudge review


Hey guys!

As promised this week I’m back with a food review. I know these have always been quite popular over here on my little corner of the net. So I thought as it had been a while, I could squeeze a food review in! I’m actually going to be reviewing two products today so it’s twice as fun for you guys, I also got to eat twice as much food so everybody wins.

Amelia from over at was kind enough as to send me some treats to review. As always the opinions are all my own, obviously. Not only has she been sweet enough, pardon the pun, to send me some treats but she’s also given me a discount code to share with you guys so stay tuned!

Homemade Vegan Almond Butter Cup


Landfill mountain of waste

Zero waste series: 6 Simple ways to reduce waste on the go

Hey guys, so many of you probably don’t know I’ve recently started transitioning towards a zero waste lifestyle. Zero waste is the philosophy waste shouldn’t be sent to landfill and should instead be avoided or recycled. What this means in my day to day life is that I avoid packaging and settle for recyclable packaging if no other viable alternative is available. Unwanted items go to recycling centres or charity shops. In general I am much more conscious of what I am consuming and make sure I REALLY need something before I purchase it. There are plenty of benefits regarding zero waste which I may well writer about in an entirely separate blog post but for now here are 6 tips for reducing waste on the go.

1. Make your own lunch

So if like you me you work, or study this may well mean lunch away from home regularly. Now convince food is everywhere and it’s getting increasingly easy to find even vegan options for lunch. The problem is any food you buy from a supermarket, SU shop, or corner shop is going to be in packaging. It’s pretty likely that packaging isn’t recyclable and is entirely avoidable. (more…)

8 Vegan Youtubers worth subscribing to!

Hey guys, so it’s the last weekly post of veganuary and decided to hold off on the food review, it’ll be out soon and hopefully you’ll all get your chocolate on. Instead I’ve decided to create another post to add to my resources page at the top of the page on the main menu bar. Do check it out and let me know on any one of my posts if you have a resource worth sharing so I can add it up there myself!


So I best get down to the nitty gritty, Youtubers. I love youtube, it’s a lot more convent than television, doesn’t require a tv license, and has little to no adds depending on whether you use certain browser extensions or not. So it’s easy to see why myself, a student and terrible procrastinator enjoy free entertainment, especially from vegans. Like other resources I’ve mentioned this month such as Facebook, it does have practical applications too. Whether you’re looking for recipe ideas, vegan fashion or pretty much anything else there’s probably a video for it, hell you can even watch vegan ASMR. (more…)